The HARP® does

  • Produce an audible voice mix that’s louder than your in-person conversation, when using the HARP®’s patented Voice Mix Mode. That’s how it reduces the risk of eavesdropping and audio recordings, and protects against forensic cleaning softwares. Add your own voice for a personalized mix.

  • Emit a noise that is barely perceptible to the human ear, when using Discrete Mode. (You can add streaming music like a normal speaker). For the highest level of protection possible, use both modes simultaneously to minimize risks of face-to-face conversations being recorded.

The HARP® does not

  • The HARP® speech protector system does not affect cameras, and does not prevent video recordings.

  • In the security field, there’s no such thing as eliminating risks. Rather, the goal is risk reduction. The HARP® speech protector system does not affect all microphones or recorders, and since no 100 percent solution exists, it can’t be offered.

Frequently Asked

  • White noise generators give a false sense of protection, since the noise can be easily removed with forensic cleaning software, whereas with the HARP®, cleaning is virtually impossible.

  • Yes. When shipping your unit, one of our product specialists will contact you to schedule a 30-minute online training session. You must take the training to make the most out of the device. We also provide a manual and videos.

  • The HARP® is intended for in-person or face-to-face meetings. In most cases, the microphone might be affected, but never the video. For example, if your HARP® system is on during a video conference, the person on the other side will see the video but they might not hear you. your text here

  • By using both modes of protection at the highest level and adding your voice frequencies, YES. It will affect all microphones. When using ONLY the Discreet mode, it won't.

    As the HARP® is a dynamic platform, you can update its firmware remotely. Consequently, a microphone or recorder that is not affected or is less affected on Discrete mode  today, may be affected (or more affected) after the next update. These updates improve product performance, allowing users to be better protected, making this device an outstanding protection tool. During the first year, all updates are available at no additional cost.

  • The HARP® speech protector system has hemispherical coverage, which is a great improvement over the horizontal coverage that most gadgets use; 

    Voice Mix Mode: 20 to 30 metres (60 to100 feet) radius of protection.

    Discreet Mode: 3 to 5 metres (10 to 15 feet) radius of protection for microphones that are affected by this mode. (These are the average results we get in our lab for microphones that are affected by Discrete Mode. Because of the physics of ultrasonic waves, they don’t pass through obstacles.)

  • The first step will be to troubleshoot the unit with a product specialist over the phone, video call or chat. In case the unit is defective we will provide instructions.

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