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The HARP® Speech Protector ensures superior audio confidentiality for your crucial conversations. It provides the essential peace of mind necessary in handling sensitive information.

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Continually Evolving Technology

Leaked classified information can result in severe repercussions

Leaked classified information can result in severe repercussions

The release of classified information can have catastrophic consequences. A single recording may jeopardize your reputation, compromise the safety of assets, and risk national security. 

With the rise of technology and the increasing sophistication of threats, it's crucial to take proactive measures to protect your sensitive information. 

Invest in the HARP® device to safeguard your face-to-face conversations.

Safeguard Classified Conversations Against Threats

Don’t risk sensitive information leaking during private meetings
Don’t risk sensitive information leaking during private meetings

Don’t risk sensitive information leaking during private meetings

In an era where covert listening devices are increasingly common, securing confidential discussions is of utmost importance. To combat this threat, Santor® presents the HARP® - a powerful solution designed to safeguard sensitive conversations.

The HARP® effectively mitigates the risks posed by omnipresent microphones in today's smart devices - found in everything from phones to watches, computers to wireless headphones, and even disguised in ordinary objects such as pens, cufflinks, or eyeglasses.

With HARP®, rest assured in your ability to conduct high-stakes discussions and protect national security secrets with confidence, whether in the privacy of your office, a conference room, a private meeting area, or while in transit in a vehicle or plane. The peace of mind and protection offered by Santor®'s HARP® is unmatched, securing your communications like never before.

Create a personalized acoustic barrier in public spaces
Create a personalized acoustic barrier in public spaces

Create a personalized acoustic barrier in public spaces

Navigating public spaces can be fraught with threats to confidential information. Equip yourself with the HARP®, paired with the custom-made Santor® bag and external battery, for a comprehensive solution that safeguards your discussions no matter where you go.

This unique combination enables the creation of a personalized acoustic barrier between potential threats and you, effectively blocking unauthorized individuals from capturing your conversations. Especially suited for the work of bodyguards, the HARP® housed in its special bag can accompany you anywhere, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.

Enjoy the advanced protection features and accessories of HARP®, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your private discussions remain just that - private.

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The HARP® will protect you anywhere you have a classified conversation.

With the HARP® Speech Protector's robust features, you can confidently shield your conversations from eavesdropping, whether you're in the office, traveling, or navigating public spaces.



The HARP® travels with you and can offer you speech protection wherever you go :

  • In a vehicle
  • In a hotel room
  • In airport lounges
  • On a plane
Meeting Spaces
Meeting Spaces

Meeting Spaces

Use the HARP® in any meeting space where you carry on classified conversations :

  • In a private office
  • In a conference room
  • In private meeting areas
  • In a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)
Public Spaces
Public Spaces

Public Spaces

With the available external battery, the HARP® can be used wherever you have conversations.

  • At a restaurant
  • At a park 
  • At sidewalk cafes
  • In office lobbies


Discover HARP®’s speech protector technology.

Are you protected at every threat level?

While you may have cybersecurity, physical security, and employee awareness in place, are you really fully protected at every level of your organization to reduce the risk of recordings and malicious eavesdropping?

Are you protected at every threat level?
Are you protected at every threat level?
Are you protected at every threat level?
Are you protected at every threat level?

Speech Protection

Involves the use of audio security systems to safeguard confidential conversations from being recorded or listened to without proper authorization.


Physical Security

Human Awareness

Governments, military units, and large corporations understand the importance of protecting all aspects of their operations. Their well-rounded protection plan includes encryption, TSCM, access control, policies, and procedures, etc. With the rise of technology and the increasing sophistication of threats, it has become crucial to take proactive measures to protect their sensitive spoken conversations. With the HARP® Microphone Disruptor, you can add a crucial layer of protection to reduce the risk of a successful attack.

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Upload your own voice and take control

With SANTOR Connect, our easy-to-use app, you will be able to upload your own voice frequencies to your HARP® devices. By doing so, you will create a personalized sound shield against eavesdropping and electronic audio surveillance that is forensic proof.

But that's just the beginning! With HARP® and SANTOR Connect, you'll discover a world of features designed to keep your conversations safe with the highest level of speech protection.

The Most Powerful & Comprehensive Speech Protection Available

The HARP® offers features that aren’t found in any other speech protection device in the world!

Multiple Modes of Protection
Multiple Modes of Protection

Multiple Modes of Protection

Discreet Mode: Creates a unique hemispherical shield that interferes with most nearby microphone, preventing them from capturing your confidential discussions. 

Voice Mix Mode: Uses patented technology to create a background noise using your own voice frequencies. This makes overheard or recorded conversations unintelligible and resistant to forensic cleaning.

Flexible & Customizable
Flexible & Customizable

Flexible & Customizable

No other device offers the flexibility and customization that the HARP® does. Easily mount the HARP® from the ceiling, place it on a table, on the wall, or under a desk without the need to install additional wiring.

With SANTOR Connect, our mobile application, you can discreetly activate and manage multiple devices at one time.

Evolving Technology<br>
Evolving Technology

Evolving Technology

Unlike any other device, the HARP® provides a unique advantage in terms of maintaining its relevance to secure your conversations. This is achieved through remote software updates that constantly keep the HARP® updated and ahead of any new device that may be used for malicious purposes such as recording or eavesdropping.

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What Our Clients Have To Say


IONChile Ltda.

Inteligencia de Comunicaciones, Chile

Our experience with HARP has been extremely positive. It can be used independently or with other solutions to create secure and eavesdropping-free zones, mitigating risks and providing strong recording protection.

What sets the HARP apart from traditional noise generators is its discreet and audible modes. Additionally, it is highly versatile, easy to transport, and comes with accessories that allow for improvisation. This makes it the ideal tool against strategic, industrial, financial, and political espionage.


Gabriella Daruix,

Infinity Safe, Sāo Paulo, Brazil

Our mission is to provide the best counterintelligence solutions for our customers in Brazil. Each client, whether from the public or private sector, faces different challenges. But we recommend everyone, for maximum protection, the use of the HARP.

[…] In addition, the most important element is the possibility of updating the firmware remotely, which allows us to always have the latest level of protection available, thus maximizing the return on investment of our customers.



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Voice Protection Technology

The HARP® device, designed by leading security experts, is the world’s only Speech Protector that is TUV certified for workplace health and safety. 

Here are a few more features that set the HARP® apart:



  • 15+ years in surveillance & counter surveillance
  • 5+ years of research and development
  • Patent protected


  • Made with industrial-grade materials
  • TUV certified for workplace health and safety
  • IC, CE mark, FCC, ANATEL, JP, and KCC certified


  • Winner of the 2018 - Innovative Product Award ASIS, Las Vegas
  • Finalist of 2019 - Innovative Security Product Award INTERSEC, Dubaï
  • Recognized 2018 - Top 30 Security Innovations

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