HARP® Mini Portable Speech Protector

Explore the HARP® mini's advanced technology.

Corporate Speech Privacy

The launch of the Santor® HARP® mini will transform the way corporations safeguard their spoken conversations. 

Currently under development and expected to launch by the end of 2025, this innovative portable speech protector will soon empower businesses to protect their confidential conversations and proprietary ideas with confidence.

Government-Grade Quality

Continually Evolving Technology

100% Portability

Your Spoken Conversations Aren’t as Private as You Think
Your Spoken Conversations Aren’t as Private as You Think

Your Spoken Conversations Aren’t as Private as You Think

If you suspect someone is secretly recording your discussions or worry that devices around you are eavesdropping, trust those instincts as your concerns are likely valid.

Discussing intellectual property?
You're exposed to potential breaches.

Conducting business meetings in public areas?
Your confidentiality is compromised.

It's time to take back your privacy!

Enhance Your Business's Privacy With Advanced Microphone Jamming Technology
Enhance Your Business's Privacy With Advanced Microphone Jamming Technology

Enhance Your Business's Privacy With Advanced Microphone Jamming Technology

Never wonder again. Activate the HARP® mini with one button and speak freely knowing you are protected from being recorded.

Speak Naturally

The HARP® mini allows you to be yourself without worrying that a device might be recording your conversation.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Top governments and executives around the world use Santor’s award-winning technology and design.

Discreet & Truly Portable

Designed to fit right into any modern home or office, take it to the coffee shop or an important meeting.

Ease of Use

Quick activation with the touch of a button or with the mobile app. Access system updates right from your smartphone.


Explore HARP® mini's advanced technology

  • We care about protecting your everyday conversations.

    Since 2011, Santor Security has taken speech privacy to a higher level by developing innovative technologies for governments and large international corporations.

    We have recognized that small and medium-sized businesses require protection as well.

    Coming soon, anyone will be able to benefit from government-level security, whether in their conference room, their car, or their home office.

How the HARP®mini keeps you safe

In a world of ever-evolving privacy threats, settling for basic solutions can leave your conversations vulnerable. Refuse amateur privacy solutions and choose the unique excellence of HARP® mini.

Advanced Jamming Technology

Intuitive Usability

Security Updates

Discreet and Stylish Design

The HARP® mini will protect you anywhere you have a private conversation

On The Move
On The Move

On The Move

  • In a vehicle
  • In a hotel room
  • In airport lounges
  • On a plane
Meeting Spaces
Meeting Spaces

Meeting Spaces

  • In a private office
  • In a conference room
  • In private meeting areas
  • At your home office
Public Spaces
Public Spaces

Public Spaces

  • At a restaurant
  • At a park
  • At sidewalk cafes
  • In office lobbies

Secure Your Conversations in 3 Easy Steps


Pre-Order Now

The HARP® mini is in production and is expected to be available before the end of 2025.

Act today to secure your order!


Receive & Activate

As soon as your HARP® mini arrives you can simply charge it and use it.

No complicated setup or tutorial.


Speak Freely

With the HARP® mini by your side you will be able to have private conversations.

Speak with confidence.

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Your Voice, Your Privacy:
Take Charge Today

Your Voice, Your Privacy: <br>Take Charge Today

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SANTOR Connect

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