HARP® Mini Portable Speech Protector

Explore the HARP® mini's advanced technology.

HARP® mini Portable Speech Protector

The Santor® HARP mini, peace of mind at the push of a button.

Protect your spoken conversations, ideas and privacy with the best portable speech protector available to consumers today. Speak freely wherever you go.

How easy would it be for others to record you speaking? You are 100 percent vulnerable to recordings.

HARP® mini keeps you safe.
HARP® mini keeps you safe.

HARP® mini keeps you safe.

Right now, if someone wanted to record your private conversations without you knowing, they could. Everything is a recording device these days. We even invite listening devices into our homes. Protect your conversations and rest easy.

Don’t whisper anymore.
Don’t whisper anymore.

Don’t whisper anymore.

Be yourself in face-to-face meetings and prevent most clandestine recordings with the best portable speech protector on the market. Light, discreet, and easy to use.


Explore HARP® mini's advanced technology.

Cutting-edge Technology

Now released as a consumer model

Cutting-edge Technology
Cutting-edge Technology
Cutting-edge Technology
Cutting-edge Technology
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    Santor HARP® mini

    The HARP® mini emits discreet noise affecting most microphones, without disturbing face-to-face conversations.

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    Advanced gadgets

    An industrial-grade compact speech protector disguised as a Bluetooth speaker.

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    Basic gadgets

    Updatable. A system that gets better with time.

How the HARP®mini keeps you safe

Creates an hemispherical area of protection.

Other devices offer only unidirectional or horizontal coverage.

It’s discreet.

Designed to fit into any modern home or office.

Harp Mini microphone disruptor isolated on a transparent background

Cutting-edge technology for governments now released as a consumer model.

Top governments and executives around the world use Santor’s award-winning technology and design. Patent protected, industrial and military grade materials, designed and manufactured in Canada.

Discreet, portable, easy to use and install.

Designed to fit right into any modern home or office, take it to the coffee shop or an important meeting.

Creates a hemispherical area of protection.

Emits discreet noise levels barely audible by humans. Prevents most devices from listening and recording.

Quick activation.

Quick activation with the touch of a button or with the mobile app. Access system updates on your smartphone.

A proactive solution
protecting your meetings and conversations.

A live countermeasure, simple to use and operated by mobile app, offering the latest updates for future threats.

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SANTOR Connect

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