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  • Secure your face-to-face conversations against espionage threats
    Secure your face-to-face conversations against espionage threats


    Secure your face-to-face conversations against espionage threats

    In an era where espionage threats persistently grow, safeguarding face-to-face discussions becomes paramount. Purposefully designed to insulate confidential communications from intrusive eavesdropping and unauthorized recordings, the HARP® is a trusted ally of government agencies and military units worldwide. 

    These high-security entities recognize its effectiveness and are integrating this advanced microphone disruptor into their security protocols, ensuring the integrity of their conversations.

    The variety of information vulnerable to compromise extends from military strategies and political plans to commercial tactics and other sensitive matters. Particularly, audio recordings pose a significant risk, serving as concrete evidence of confidential discussions. The HARP® steps in at this crucial juncture, drastically reducing the likelihood of malicious eavesdropping and recording.

  • Keep your conversations private. Even when you’re in public.
    Keep your conversations private. Even when you’re in public.


    Keep your conversations private. Even when you’re in public.

    With the proliferation of recording devices around you, sensitive information that you convey during meetings is at a high risk of being recorded or heard by someone eavesdropping nearby. Unfortunately, this can be used against you for nefarious purposes.

    The HARP® is an effective speech privacy tool that can prevent sensitive information from being leaked. It is perfect for companies that need to protect confidential information, such as new product presentations, salary negotiations, and mergers/acquisitions. Best of all, it can work for you even if you need to conduct business outside your own office, while working from home or in a vehicle.

  • Connected devices are listening to you right now.
    Connected devices are listening to you right now.


    Connected devices are listening to you right now.

    Like it or not, connected devices and voice-activated assistants are here to stay. Despite their convenience, they can be used to listen or record your sensitive discussions without your knowledge. It’s imperative that you take steps to prevent these unfortunate, but all-too common, incidents from happening.

    That’s why we are creating the HARP® mini. This portable microphone disruptor is designed to be used at home, in public spaces, like restaurants or cafes, or as an add on to the HARP® at the office. It will offer an impressive level of protection so you can keep your conversations private and preserve peace of mind.

Get the privacy and peace of mind
Get the privacy and peace of mind

Every sensitive discussion you have is at risk of being overheard or recorded. The HARP® will prevent your conversations from being taped or listened to, so you can speak freely knowing that your confidential information doesn’t get compromised, stolen or used against you.

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A proactive solution protecting your meetings
and conversations.

Both the HARP® Speech Protector and the HARP® mini, our microphone disruptors, have been expertly designed to secure spoken conversations at the push of a button.

The HARP® stands as a remarkable technological solution, available exclusively to government agencies, military units, and public or private organizations, and is not intended for individual use.

On the other hand, the HARP® mini, an upcoming compact version of our technology, is designed to meet the speech privacy needs of businesses and individuals.

Let's answer your questions

  • Santor® HARP Speech Privacy Systems offer customized solutions for different user profiles:

    • The HARP® Speech Protector is specifically designed for restricted use by governments, diplomats, intelligence agencies, and military units. Its advanced features and technologies ensure the highest level of privacy and security for classified conversations.
    • The HARP® Mini, currently under development, is a compact model intended for businesses and the general public seeking face-to-face speech privacy solutions. Excitingly, you now have the opportunity to secure your order in advance. We are accepting pre-orders for the HARP® Mini, with a deposit of $100 USD per unit. This deposit ensures that you will be among the first to receive this cutting-edge device upon its release.
  • The HARP® Speech Protector is a specialized product designed for government entities, military units, and selected corporations. For pricing details, we invite you to schedule a 15-MINUTE VIRTUAL DEMONSTRATION with a Santor® product specialist. This session allows us to understand your unique needs and demonstrate how the HARP® Speech Protector aligns with them. During this meeting, we'll discuss some specifics of the technology, the cost of the HARP® devices and accessories, and shipping details.

    • For the HARP®, we accept payments via wire transfer.
    • The HARP® Mini will be available for online purchase by the general public via our website before the end of 2025. We are excited to announce that you can now secure your HARP® Mini by placing a pre-order with a deposit of $100 USD per unit.
  • Absolutely! At Santor®, we employ a specialized team of international shipping experts dedicated to ensuring your package is delivered to you efficiently, regardless of your location worldwide.

    To obtain precise shipping details for the HARP® Speech Protector, we invite you to request a quote or reach out to us directly. Please note that shipping costs may differ depending on your specific destination.

    With the upcoming release of the HARP® Mini, we will offer detailed shipping information tailored to this product, ensuring you have all the necessary details for a seamless delivery experience.

  • Upon receiving your HARP® Speech Protector devices, one of our product specialists will reach out to you to schedule an online training session. This session ensures you fully understand and utilize the device's potential. We also provide a comprehensive manual and instructional videos for further assistance.

    For the HARP® mini, our dedicated support will be available through chat and email, ready to assist you with any queries.

    Please note that a 'Contact Us' button and a Support section are available on our website, where you can explore common Q&As and other support resources.

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