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  • Protect confidential face-to-face meetings from espionage.
    Protect confidential face-to-face meetings from espionage.


    Protect confidential face-to-face meetings from espionage.

    In today’s turbulent world, espionage represents a major threat to economic prosperity and national interests. While many people associate espionage with gathering "top secret" information, there is a variety of intelligence that can be compromised, including military, political, commercial, or other privileged and confidential information. Audio recordings, in particular, can be very damaging as they are tangible proof of what someone said.

    The HARP® was specifically designed to reduce the risk of malicious eavesdropping and recording. That’s why government agencies and military units around the world are now integrating this innovative microphone disruptor into their security measures.

  • Keep your conversations private. Even when you’re in public.
    Keep your conversations private. Even when you’re in public.


    Keep your conversations private. Even when you’re in public.

    With the proliferation of recording devices around you, sensitive information that you convey during meetings is at a high risk of being recorded or heard by someone eavesdropping nearby. Unfortunately, this can be used against you for nefarious purposes.

    The HARP® is an effective speech privacy tool that can prevent sensitive information from being leaked. It is perfect for companies that need to protect confidential information, such as new product presentations, salary negotiations, and mergers/acquisitions. Best of all, it can work for you even if you need to conduct business outside your own office, while working from home or in a vehicle.

  • Connected devices are listening to you right now.
    Connected devices are listening to you right now.


    Connected devices are listening to you right now.

    Like it or not, connected devices and voice-activated assistants are here to stay. Despite their convenience, they can be used to listen or record your sensitive discussions without your knowledge. It’s imperative that you take steps to prevent these unfortunate, but all-too common, incidents from happening.

    That’s why we are creating the HARP® mini. This portable microphone disruptor is designed to be used at home, in public spaces, like restaurants or cafes, or as an add on to the HARP® at the office. It will offer an impressive level of protection so you can keep your conversations private and preserve peace of mind.

Get the privacy and peace of mind
Get the privacy and peace of mind

Every sensitive discussion you have is at risk of being overheard or recorded. The HARP® will prevent your conversations from being taped or listened to, so you can speak freely knowing that your confidential information doesn’t get compromised, stolen or used against you.

Get the privacy and peace of mind
you deserve

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A proactive solution protecting your meetings
and conversations.

Both microphone disruptors were designed by security experts to safeguard spoken conversations at the push of a button.

The HARP® is an impressive technological solution reserved for the exclusive use of government agencies, military, public or private companies and not for individuals. However, the HARP® mini will soon be the best compact speech protector available to consumers.

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Portable Speech Protector

Portable Speech Protector

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Santor Speech Protector

Santor Speech Protector

Let's answer your questions

  • White noise generators give a false sense of protection, since the noise can be easily removed with forensic cleaning software, whereas with the HARP®, cleaning is virtually impossible.

  • HARP® provides hemispherical coverage, which is a vast improvement over the less efficient unidirectional or horizontal coverage used by most devices. In addition, it provides two powerful protection modes.

    DiscreetMode: emits ultrasonic waves that are non-invasive and barely perceptible to the human ear but affect most of the devices that surround you. Provides an average radius of protection of 3 to 5 metres (10 to 15 feet) for microphones that are affected by this mode. Because of the physics of ultrasonic waves, they don’t pass through obstacles.

    Audible Mode: is an exclusive and patented feature that emits a customized background noise comprised of the voice frequencies of the user(s). The voice of the user(s) is pre-recorded using the Santor App, and processed automatically to mask their voice, essentially rendering any unwanted recordings inaudible – and protected from forensic cleaning experts. It gives a 20 to 30 metres (60 to 100 feet) radius of protection on average.

  • The HARP® mini will soon be released as a consumer model (available to everyone) whereas the HARP® is intended for governments and organisations only.

  • Santor's international shipping brokers will help you get your packages to the right place fast. Delivery costs vary from one location to another. Request a quote or contact us for more information.

  • Since the HARP is a product restricted for government and selected corporations, SANTOR needs to evaluate the prospect to make sure our solution fits your needs.

    We invite you to book a 15-minute demonstration with one of our product specialists to obtain pricing and more information on the purchase process.

    The price of the HARP® varies in each country as shipping costs, import taxes and other applicable fees are different. The HARP® mini will be sold online to the public through this website and pricing will be announced soon.

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