Privacy simplified


Main features

Protect spoken conversations

Prevent corporate espionage or blackmailing with the world's most advanced verbal speech protector in the market.

For any space size

A fully scalable system with a multi-units management app, can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth.

Forensic proof

Thoroughly lab tested against latest hardware & software tools to clean and enhance human speech frequencies.

A proactive solution protecting your business meetings

A live countermeasure service, simple to use and operated by mobile app, offering the latest updates for future threats.

  • Connected objects are your new threat

    In today's Internet of Things (IoT) world, smart connected products are everywhere.

    The majority of wearable smart devices have a microphone, leaving you vulnerable to information leaking from your offices.  

  • Voice recorders, smaller and smarter

    Today any amateur who wishes to gather oral information can do it.

    Sophisticated voice recorders are now more accessible and easier to hide than ever.