Terms of Use

Santor Security Inc. (hereinafter "Santor") offers sales and rentals on products and services in conformity with the legal dispositions in force in Canada. Santor relinquishes all responsibility regarding the improper and illegal use of material once it has been sold or leased.


It is the BUYER's responsibility, not Santor's, to determine the legality and conformity to all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, possession and use of the equipment that we offer.


Certain products are not available for the general public. Restricted products and equipment are clearly noted. To order a restricted item, please provide a copy of your law enforcement ID with your written order, or submit your written order with a cover letter prepared from a departmental or governmental agency.


Some of the products sold by Santor may be subject to restrictions in your country of residence and could be subject to seizure by customs. It is the responsibility of the BUYER, not Santor, to determine any restrictions regarding the equipment that the BUYER intends to purchase. Legal responsibility and legal ownership are transferred to the BUYER immediately upon shipment. Santor may accept the return of a product returned by customs, subject to administrative fees for processing a new shipment and redelivery fees, all of which must be paid before reshipment. Additionally, if Santor is charged for a return or incurs additional fees, these costs must also be paid by the customer before reshipment.


Prices are expressed in Canadian and American dollars. Taxes are not included in the prices. Customers collecting their merchandise in Canada are required to pay GST and QST, depending on the province of shipment or collection, on all purchases.


Canadian companies: cash and bank transfers
International companies: bank transfers


Due to the sensitive nature of our products, a full refund cannot be granted. However, if you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased, you may return it within 30 days: a restocking fee of 25% (on the unit price) will be applied. PLEASE REFER TO THE Refund Policy SECTION FOR MORE DETAILS


Any order shipped out of Canada by Santor is likely to be subject to customs and import fees determined by the destination country. These additional costs, including taxes and customs duties, are not included in Santor's delivery charges and must be paid by the customer upon receipt. It is the customer's responsibility to check these fees with the local customs authorities and to settle these amounts. To facilitate this process, we strongly recommend the use of a customs broker. A broker can help you manage customs formalities and ensure that the applicable fees are correctly estimated and paid, thus avoiding any delays related to customs clearance. Santor cannot be held responsible for customs fees or delays caused by these procedures.


To return a product, you will need to provide a copy of the invoice or the invoice number, and the product will have to be sent back in its original packaging and form, with all accessories.

The product will need to be sent back as a “Return of Merchandise”; if the product is returned with faulty shipping indications causing Santor Security to have to pay a fee to receive the package, this fee will be deducted from the refund amount. Please note that shipping fees, return fees and customs charges (and any other import/export duty fees) are non-refundable.

Santor Security is not responsible if the product gets damaged or lost during the returned shipping; necessary packing precautions and shipping insurance should be taken.


Every product sold by Santor has a warranty of one (1) year if the product is not subject to accident, abuse, improper use or mishandling.

Warranties cover product malfunctions or defects in materials and workmanship that affect the performance of the product. Any modifications or alterations made to the original condition of the product, misuse or physical breakage will void the warranty. Failure to provide necessary maintenance is not covered by the warranty. Warranties are Void if Seal is Broken. Some products are only guaranteed by the manufacturer and in this case, shipping fees may be charged.

Warranties are Void if Seal is Broken.

Santor shall not be held responsible for any prejudice, physical and/or material and/or moral damage resulting from improper use, manipulation, stocking, maintenance or reckless installation and/or unsafe usage. Some products are only guaranteed by the manufacturer and in this case, shipping fees may be charged.

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