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Expect your quote in your email within the next business hours!
Expect your quote in your email within the next business hours!

Frequently Asked

  • The HARP® Speech Protector stands out as the preferred choice in over 70 countries within government, defense, and security sectors. It uniquely offers two modes of protection: Discreet Mode utilizes ultrasound to create a hemispherical protection zone, providing a significant advantage over other solutions that only offer unidirectional or horizontal protection. The second mode, SANTOR’s patented Voice-Mix technology, forms an audible, customizable sound barrier resistant to forensic audio cleaning, tailored to the user’s voice frequency.

  • Yes, Santor® offers global coverage with our team of international logistics experts, ensuring fast delivery of your order, regardless of location. Shipping costs, customs duties, and import taxes are the buyer's responsibility. We strongly recommend that our clients use a customs broker in the destination country to manage package importation and customs clearance.

  • Absolutely. After receiving your HARP® Speech Protector units, our specialists will coordinate an online training session to help you fully leverage the device's capabilities. We also provide a comprehensive product manual and tutorial videos for additional support.

  • The HARP® Speech Protector is engineered to meet the stringent standards of government and military applications. If you are operating within these sectors, we have the expertise to support your objectives. Our product experts will offer thorough training on operating the HARP® and how to present this technology to prospective clients. We invite you to schedule a meeting to explore opportunities in your region and potential partnerships.

  • If your query is not addressed in our FAQs, please complete the Contact Form below or schedule a meeting with one of our product experts for personalized assistance.

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