HARP® Speech Protector System

Protect your organization’s in-person discussions from clandestine recordings now.

Speech Protector

Protect the confidentiality of your organization’s discussions with the Santor HARP® speech protector system.

Designed by security experts to reduce the risk of unwanted voice recordings for you and your organization. Safeguard your ideas, meetings and discussions from being recorded.

Leaked information can be very damaging. Just one recording can harm business development, destroy a reputation and cost millions.

Military-grade voice protection
Military-grade voice protection

Military-grade voice protection

Today, almost all the smart devices that surround us have a microphone: watches, telephones, computers, wireless headphones, etc. without neglecting the clandestine listening devices embedded in various objects such as pens, cufflinks, or eyeglasses! With this omnipresence, your business intelligence is more at risk than ever.

Santor provides governments, agencies, private and public institutions and vigilant companies around the world with a solution that significantly reduces the risk of eavesdropping and recordings.

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Keep your private meetings private.
Keep your private meetings private.

Keep your private meetings private.

Industrial-grade materials. TÜV SÜD Health and Safety certified.

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Discover HARP®’s speech protector technology.

A New and vital layer of protection

Add speech protection to your other layers to significantly reduce the risk of a successful attack.

A New and vital layer of protection
A New and vital layer of protection
A New and vital layer of protection
A New and vital layer of protection
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    Speech Protection

    The HARP® system offers 2 protection modes: Voice Mix Mode + Discreet Mode

  • 2

    Cyber Security

    Encryption, firewall, network…

  • 3

    Physical Security

    TSCM, access control, metal detectors…

  • 4

    Human Awareness

    Training, policies, procedures...

What is your current level of protection?

Two modes of protection.

The HARP® 's patented Voice Mix Mode produces an audible voice mix, while Discreet Mode is a tactful, non-invasive approach for maximum discretion. Use both modes simultaneously for the highest protection against recordings of in-person conversations.

The HARP® gets better and more powerful over time.

Access software updates on your smartphone. Our expert technicians work tirelessly to enhance our software to affect new models of microphones on the market.

Creates a hemispherical area of protection, with maximum discretion.

The HARP®’s modern industrial design blends into different work environments. Inferior devices are unappealing, obvious, audible, and offer less efficient coverage that is unidirectional or horizontal.

Easy to install, easier to use, and mobile.

Flexible installation, quick activation, simple customization with the app. Compact, lightweight, highly portable, accessories available.

A proactive solution protecting your meetings
and conversations.

A live countermeasure, simple to use and operated by mobile app, offering the latest updates for future threats.

Mini Speech Protector System
Mini Speech Protector System

Mini Speech Protector System

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Santor® App

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