RDEMAIS 2017 - The Military Regiment of Maisonneuve

Sun, Oct 29, 17

Par Alexandre Santos

RDEMAIS 2017 - The Military Regiment of Maisonneuve
RDEMAIS 2017 - The Military Regiment of Maisonneuve

The presentation focused on the various threats of illicit surveillance, used for industrial espionage purposes, and on different prevention methods and technologies at the Military Regiment.

In this intrusion of the intriguing and little-known field of espionage, there was an overview of the evolution of surveillance products and an exploration of wiretap detection tools.

Alexandre Santos took an early interest in stealth surveillance technologies. Its first company in the field, Spytronic, was founded in 2004: a shop specializing in the sale and design of secret surveillance technologies for public and private customers. In 2011, he created the counter surveillance division Santor, specifically targeting a clientele whose demand was growing: governments and multinationals. Today, he heads both companies and is a reference in the media and professional circles.

Location: Régiment de Maisonneuve
Date: Friday, October 28 2017
Time: 11:30

Good heart and good arm,
Pascal Fortin - President of the Circle (Interim)

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