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Santor UNG52 Speech Protector

Santor UNG52 Speech Protector

Santor UNG52 Speech Protector

  • Specifically designed for privacy in face-to-face conversation.
  • Intuitive and simple digital and analog interface.
  • Two operating modes: Voice Mix and Discrete Scrambling.
  • Easy to install, compact, portable and lightweight.  
  • Optional: custom-made travel case, mounting accessories and car lighter plug.


    Santor UNG52 Speech Protector
    • Ultrasound

      Our advanced discrete mode blocks the vast majority of microphone devices (smartphones, voice recorders, bugging devices, etc.). Ideal for sensitive meetings where you need to inspire trust and foster confidentiality, while at the same time protecting yourself against information leakage.

    • Acoustic

      Our Voice Mix scrambling mode (audible to the human ear) allows users to have the highest level of protection against forensic cleaning software and sophisticated devices. Furthermore, this mode ensures a protection from human/electronic listening (someone listening in or using a contact microphone). 

    • Customizable

      Eliminate the risk of audio cleaning by using your own voice to hide your voice! Thanks to our patented Advanced Random Scrambling Process, you can now conceal your vocal frequencies within themselves, making voice cleaning and enhancing virtually impossible.

    • Easy to install

      The unit can be placed at the center of your conference table (top or under) or desk. It can be mounted on a tripod, vertically facing a wall or a window (tripod not included). It can also be installed on your ceiling, making it almost unnoticeable, as shown below

    Discrete (Ultrasound)

    Significantly reduce the risks of your conversations being recorded by your interlocutors in real time during confidential meetings, and without them knowing!

    Our wide band acoustic platform generates sounds higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing, effectively affecting the majority of microphones in today’s portable devices, while not impairing your conversation in the least. This tactful, non-invasive approach will highly lower the chances of being recorded in an effective way.

    Voice Mix (Acoustic)

    Protect yourself against eavesdropping, from the most cutting-edge forensic cleaning technologies to the sneakiest, undesirable listener.

    Within the range of human hearing, outsiders can listen in on and even intercept your conversations with technologies that enhance and clear your vocal speech. Our patented algorithm (Advanced Random Scrambling Process) is designed to simulate a crowd whose vocal frequency range matches that of the users voices, making eavesdropping virtually impossible. Hide your voice with your own voice. Suitable for installations inside ceilings, ventilation ducts. Can also be mounted on a tripod facing a wall in strategic direction.

    Optional Remote App Control

    The Santor UNG52 App is designed to simplify and enhance your security.

    Control the UNG52 easily and remotely through our smartphone App (IOS/Android). Gives you complete control over many units simultaneously at your fingertips. Record multiple voices at once and customize the scrambling mode. Turn On/Off and adjust the volume settings of both the ultrasonic and the acoustic options.